symphonia series

The Symphonia Series is devoted to the musical works of Hildegard von Bingen.

​​It was born out of almost twenty years of singing and teaching her extraordinary music. I have for some time recognized (and lamented) the void of modern musical resources that adequately capture Hildegard’s creative genius. The Symphonia Series fills that void. It fosters a deeper connection with Hildegard’s music in its original form in a conventional format. 

I hope these new musical “translations” will allow a clearer portrayal of her original musical settings than is currently available online and in print. Like any translation, such as a great work of literature, there must be allowances for the interpreter. These editions are viewed through my particular lens and subject to limitations in current notational technologies. ​Modern editions of medieval music must, by default, be lost of the ineffable qualities present in original notation. Alas, there is no help for it! However, I believe these editions more clearly portray the highly expressive and idiosyncratic nature of Hildegard’s compositional style. 

Be forewarned: the editor is a singer! I believe the interpretation of Hildegard’s music is unique, not comparable to the current trends and other schools of traditional plainchant interpretation. Which means the choices I have made in transcribing these works focus upon making sense visuallyvocally, and musically.

Hildegard employs a dizzying amount of detail in her music; every musical and textual gesture is highly specific. It is also incredibly expressive.

I believe our connection with her music–and her spirit–is deepened and amplified when we consider these crucial elements of her work.

Working on Hildegard’s music is a creative, intellectual, and musical challenge. I hope the Symphonia Series will help you connect with her music and her legacy.

Please enjoy: make art, be inspired, play, pray. Hildegard’s creative spirit is infinite and democratic. Release yourself from dogma and interpret these chants as you wish. 



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